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Saturday, May 29, 2004

An Interview With Howard Dean

Friday, May 28, 2004

The Empire Has No Clothes:

"It's not just the Iraq War that is immoral. The whole rotten project of empire building is immoral -- and every bit as much a Democratic as a Republican project. When politicians from both parties offer platitudes about America's benevolent intentions as they argue about the most appropriate strategies for running the world, we should remember this trenchant comment after World War I from W.E.B. DuBois: 'It is curious to see America, the United States, looking on herself, first, as a sort of natural peacemaker, then as a moral protagonist in this terrible time. No nation is less fitted for this role.' "
Lessons about Our Constitution from Abu Ghraib:

Why were our American ancestors so insistent on such protections? Because they understood that the biggest threat to their freedom and well-being was their own government, despite the fact that its officials were democratically elected. Our ancestors understood that if federal powers were not restricted and if fundamental rights were not expressly guaranteed, U.S. officials, often with well-meaning zeal, would run roughshod over the lives, liberty, property, and well-being of the people.

The Connection(Album Version)-Phish-The Connection
Airplane-Widespread Panic-Ain't Life Grand
Acrobat-U2-Achtung, Baby
Life During Wartime-Talking Heads-Fear of Music
2000 Man-The Rolling Stones-Their Satanic Majesties Request
A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow-Mitch & Mickey-A Mighty Wind:The Album
Blind-Talking Heads-Sand in the Vaseline, Popular Favorites, 1976-1992
American Tune-Paul Simon-There Goes Rhymin' Simon
Cello Song-Nick Drake-Way To Blue:An Introduction To Nick Drake
Beat on the Brat-The Ramones-All The Stuff(And More), Vol. 1
Boogie Chillen-John Lee Hooker-The Legendary Modern Recordings
Curlew's Call-Trey Anastasio-Plasma
Blue Skies-Willie Nelson-Stardust
Cracked Actor-David Bowie-Aladdin Sane
Carry On-Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Deja Vu
Billie's Bounce-Charlie Parker-Timeless
Dance The Night Away-Cream-Disraeli Gears
Black Eyed Dog-Nick Drake-Way To Blue:An Introduction To Nick Drake
Beautiful Day-U2-All That You Can't Leave Behind
Curtains-Elton John-Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
A Teardrop On A Rose-Hank Williams-The Complete Hank Williams
3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds-Jefferson Airplane-Surrealistic Pillow
All I Could Do Was Cry-Etta James-At Last!
Dance Lesson #2-Karl Denson-Dance Lesson
(What A)Wonderful World-Sam Cooke-Portrait Of A Legend: 1951-64
All I Really Want To Do-The Byrds-Mr. Tambourine Man
Cat's Squirrel-Cream-Fresh Cream
Another Part Of Me-Michael Jackson-Bad
Comin' Back To Me-Jefferson Airplane-Surrealistic Pillow
Beaumont Rag-Doc Watson-Doc Watson & Son
Blue Moon-Elvis Presley-Elvis Presley
All Sold Out-The Rolling Stones-Between the Buttons
54-46(That's My Number)-The Maytals-The Harder They Come
Tenor Man-The Greyboy Allstars-Live
All Tomorrow's Parties-The Velvet Underground-The Velvet Underground & Nico

UPP - In a stunning decision that is sure to send shockwaves through a
normally apathetic rock community, Clear Channel Communications has been
granted a U.S. patent on the "A" chord, and must be paid residuals by
artists every time it is played in concert or recorded in the studio.

"We think this is a great advancement for our pocketbooks at the expense
of artistic freedom everywhere," exclaimed a maniacal and unapologetic
Clear Channel lawyer, briefly lifting his foot from the neck of
recording artist Beck. "Soon we will own the patents to all the major
chords. The minors and 7th roots will not be far behind. Resistance
is futile."

"This is a tremendous blow to the music community," cried Courtney Love,
who - at the utterance of the word "blow" - immediately excused herself
to the ladies room.

"Bands are still free to play a wide range of scales and individual
notes," said notorious right-wing sellout Dennis Miller. "C'mon babe
its not like Clear Channel is trying to own the f**kin world. That'd
be like Sirhan Sirhan trying to buy a nickel bag from Adlai Stevenson."
Miller then collapsed under the weight of the obscurity of his comments.

"This is just a horrible horrible indication of how far the companies
who own this country will go to deprive us of our precious and
beautiful freedoms," opined Bob Weir, guitarist for the Grateful Dead,
the Warlocks, the Other Ones, Ratdog, the Dead, Formerly the Warlocks,
and a score of Jerry Garcia cover bands. When reminded that Clear
Channel Communications owned most of the venues for his current summer
tour, Weir danced away mumbling, "and the rich man in his summer home .
. . "

President Bush, trying to become the first team since the 1955 Rochester
Royals to have a losing record and still win the NBA championship, was
unavailable for comment. Thankfully.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Welcome Back Bush or Kerry the White House Away
High Times Revamped
U.S. Torturers Outdo Counterparts in Asian Dictatorships:

"While in the United States, the administration of President George W Bush declared its hostility toward clauses under the Geneva Convention about the treatment of prisoners, in Communist-ruled Laos the jailers have likewise been dismissive of human rights instruments."

Monday, May 24, 2004

U.S. Preparing for Influx of Compensation Claims by Abused Iraqis:

"The officials said the abuse claims would be processed under the Foreign Claims Act, and not under the authority of the Geneva Conventions. The 1982 act provides compensation to foreigners for injury, death or property damage caused by noncombat activities of American troops. The government's liability under the act is broad, though certain types of claims are excluded. Payment is not approved, for instance, for 'claimants who are deemed unfriendly to the United States.' It was not immediately clear whether Iraqi detainees might be viewed as unfriendly. "

What a way to absolve yourself from any blame. Could this government be any sneakier?
The 14 Characteristics of Fascism

Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Great Divide of Class:A Essay on Journalism in the Now

Cry Baby-Janis Joplin-Pearl
Conrad the Caterpillar-Widespread Panic-Light Fuse Get Away
All I Have To Do Is Dream-The Everly Brothers-Very Best of the Everly Brothers
Countess From Hong Kong-The Velvet Underground-Peel Slowly and See
Blind-Talking Heads-Sand in the Vaseline, Popular Favorites:1976-1992
At the Zoo-Simon and Garfunkel-Bookends
Cyprus Avenue-Van Morrison-Astral Weeks
A House Without Love-Hank Williams-The Complete Hank Williams
Are You Walkin' And A Talkin' For The Lord-Hank Williams-The Complete Hank Williams
Auld Lang Syne-David Grisman-Acoustic Christmas
Chevrolet-Taj Mahal-The Best of Taj Mahal
Also Sprach Zarathustra-Johann Strauss, Jr.-24/7 Vol. 3
Bonaparte's Retreat-Willie Nelson-Red Headed Stranger
Big Chief-Professor Longhair-Houseparty New Orleans Style-The Lost Sessions 1971-1972
Instrumental-The Slip-10.25.2002-1650-Los Angeles, California
Clampdown-The Clash-London Calling
2000 Man-The Rolling Stones-Their Satanic Majesties Request
Daily Wheatgrass Shots-Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey-04.26.2003-Grog Shop-Cleveland, Ohio
Darlington County-Bruce Springsteen-Born in the U.S.A.
Cisco Kid-Beau Jocque & the Zydeco Hi-Rollers-The Best of Beau Jocque
Back-Door Angels-Jethro Tull-Warchild
Cruel Sun-Rusted Root-When I Woke
Albuquerque-Neil Young-Tonight's The Night
Ball and Chain-Big Brother & The Holding Company-Cheap Thrills
Soul Dream-The Greyboy Allstars-West Coast Boogaloo
Rentstrike-Groove Collective-Groove Collective
White Russ-Robert Walter's 20th Congress-06.17.2001-Stern Grove Festival-San Francisco, California
Toys R Us-The Greyboy Allstars-Live
By Chance-Slide Five-Rhode Trip
Shines Right Through Me-Great Big Sea-Something Beautiful
1921-The Who-Live at Leeds(Deluxe Edition)
Love & Tears-The Slip-10.25.2002-1650-Los Angeles, California
Amazing Journey-The Who-Live at Leeds(Deluxe Edition)
(Nothing but)Flowers-Guster-Live 11/2/03 Allston, Massachusetts
Beside You-Van Morrison-Astral Weeks
Changes-David Bowie-Hunky Dory
All Things Reconsidered(Album Version)-Trey Anastasio-Seis de Mayo
'39-Queen-A Night at the Opera
Buried Alive In The Blues-Janis Joplin-Pearl
Beginning To See The Light(Closet Mix)-The Velvet Underground-Peel Slowly and See
After Hours-Velvet Underground-The Velvet Underground

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