Put It In Your Pantry with Your Cupcakes

Monday, September 27, 2004

2:17 AM

Awoken by the rising sun he starts off. A hazy drizzle falls upon his shoulder. Sheltered by the treehouse he thinks. Rubbing his scruffy face. Dirt upon his hands. He finally sits glistening with drops of rain. He listens. "Climb...Climb up the mountain..." That's what he does. Slides down the tree. Climbs past the the clearwater pool. He sits. Bag off. Bags out. Chew. Chew. Swallow. Up On his feet. A moose walks to the clearing. Ever so slowly walking towards it. He slides his hand along the rough hair. Moving to the face. It sits and lays. Still a slight drizzle. Crystal droplets form on the moose and Jacob. Jacob climbs and lays on the moose's back. Letting the rain fall. Puddles form as ripples fade. The moose rises and begins to move. Jacob is startled awake. He looks around and see landscape passing him by. He stares off in the distance lost in the beauty. He straddles the beast and lays his head down close to the hair. Bristles his face. Down the mountain he goes. They reach the contraption. Jacob enters the contraption. 36...35...34...33 ohh got munchies. He slides a baggie out of the knapsack. Packs his chillum. 1...release...in...2...release..in...3.. .release...10...release...kick...put away. The moose creeps up the mountain. Moose, as Jacob calls him, is now on the first plateau. Moose wades in the water. Knee-deep. Antlers held high. Petting on the side softly. "good boy, Moose" Deeper and deeper. Jacob swims away. Swimming back. Playfully splashing Moose. He slips out of his clothes now skinny-dipping. Moose splashes back. Jacob wades to shore. Time for laundry. He gets his clothes and wets them down. Scrub. dirt disintegrates off. clean as a whistle. He slips into a clean pair of clothes letting the just washed dry. He searches for wood. Grooving and rheuming. he passes a stream. He gets a cup of water and drinks. Clear spring water. Coming to the forest. He marks the spot. he's off. running back to the mainland. Grabs the axe and tools. Lilies dance wild to the wind. Sunflowers sway in the breeze. Off and running again. Back to the forest. A tree comes down. He cuts a bow. Heats it in a makeshift fire and molds it. He heats rocks and creates arrowheads. Hollows out a trunk. Creates a sheath. Places the arrows within. Where to find string is the problem. Drinks another cup of water. Pours one over him. Heat has crept up. The drizzle trys to fall but doesn't reach the ground. Sunset casts a shadow over the land. Problems for another day. He sits. Baggies Out. Pop. Swallow. Drop. Gulp. Feels so good. Up on his feet. Running. To the treehouse. Shimmies up the ladder. Bob playing a gentle song. Sits and watches the sunset. Moose lays at the bottom of the house keeping guard. Jacob drifts to sleep. String Cheese on his mind. "A-oom, a-ooom hasta manana" Lanterns and candles creating armies of the night. Whoosh. Darkness and sleep rolled into one.

Long Black Veil-Johnny Cash-The Best of Johnny Cash: The Millennium Collection
Well You Needn't(Alternate Take)-Thelonious Monk-Genius of Modern Music Vol. 1
Girlfriend Is Better(Live)-Talking Heads-Sand in the Vaseline, Popular Favorites: 1976-1992
The Promised Land-Bruce Springsteen-Darkness On The Edge of Town
Let's Call This-Steve Lacy-Reflections: Steve Lacy Plays Thelonious Monk
Borrowe Tune-Neil Young-Tonight's The Night
Songbird-Fleetwood Mac-Rumours
Israelites-Desmond Dekker & The Aces-The Harder They Come
A.J. Bustah-Karl Denson-Dance Lesson #2
Do It Again-Steely Dan-Citizen Steely Dan
(Sittin' On)The Dock of the Bay-Otis Redding-The Very Best of Otis Redding
Natural Thing-The Doobie Brothers-The Captain & Me
Gasaholic-Tea Leaf Green-12.08.2001-Old Western Saloon-Point Reyes Station, California
If You're Ever In Oklahoma>-Yonder Mountain String Band-12.31.2000-Fox Theater-Boulder, Colorado
Wild Pack of Family Dogs-Modest Mouse-Baron Von Bullsh*t Rides Again
Epistrophy-Thelonious Mokn-The Columbia Years(1962-1968)
On Top-The Killers-Hot Fuss
Respect Yourself-The Staple Singers-The Best Soul Album In The World...Ever!
Latin Go Ska(Pachito Eche)-The Skatalites-Guns of Navarone: The Best Of
Memories Can't Wait-Talking Heads-Sand in the Vaseline, Popular Favorites: 1976-1992
In Violation of Yes-Umphrey's McGee-05.14.2003-Oasis One-Sixty-Chicago Heights, Illinois
Meet Me In The Morning-Bob Dylan-Blood on the Tracks
I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'-Hank Williams-The Complete Hank Williams
Open the Door-Otis Redding-The Dock of the Bay
Can't Hold Out-Leftover Salmon-03.26.2001-The Canopy Club-Urbana, Illinois
Shine On You Crazy Diamond-Pink Floyd-Pulse
Moses Smote The Water-John Lee Hooker-Jack O' Diamonds:1949 Recordings
Ball of Confusion-The Temptations-Anthology: The Best Of The Temptations
Trinkle Trinkle-Thelonious Monk-The Complete Blue Note Recordings
Name That Tune-John Scofield Trio-EnRoute
Look What You've Done-Muddy Waters-The Anthology(1947-1972)
Eyesight To The Blind/Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?-Eric Clapton-Crossroads 2:Live...Seventies
I Love You(La La La)-Do Make Say Think-Beautiful Noise-Apocalypse
Sands of Iwo Jima-Cul De Sac-Crashes To Light, Minutes To Its Fall
Clementine-The Slip-02.07.2002-Stella Blue-Asheville, North Carolina
Sweet and Dandy-(featuring Trey Anastasio)-Toots & the Maytals-True Love
Rock Box-Run-D.M.C.-Run-D.M.C
Five To One-The Doors-Waiting for the Sun
Whole Lot of Shakin' In My Heart(Since I Met You)-Smokey Robinson and the Miracles-Going to A Go-Go/Away We A Go-Go
This Wheel's On Fire-The Band-Music From Big Pink
It's A Boy-The Who-Tommy
More, More, More Of Your Love-Smokey Robinson and the Miracles-Going To A Go-Go/Away We A Go-Go
Bonus Track: My Lover's Prayer-Otis Redding-The Very Best Of Otis Redding
Faded From The Winter-Iron And Wine-The Creek Drank The Cradle

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