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Sunday, October 10, 2004

t r u t h o u t - William Rivers Pitt | The Scary Little Man:

"Bush continued in this appalling vein when he said, 'He keeps talking about, 'Let the inspectors do their job.' It's naive and dangerous to say that. That's what the Duelfer report showed.' Welcome to Bush World, where everything is upside down and two plus two equals a bag of hammers"

You Can Make It If You Try-Sly & The Family Stone-Greatest Hits
Out Of The Blue-James Brown-Star Time
Peace on the Streets-DJ Swingsett-The Best of Cookin'
Samba Pa Ti-Santana-The Essential Santana
A Little Time-Otis Redding-Otis! The Definitive Otis Redding
I Know I'm Not Wrong-Fleetwood Mac-Tusk
Whip-Leo Kottke/Mike Gordon-Clone
Red Red Wine-Tony Tribe-Ska
Piece Of My Heart-Big Brother and the Holding Company-Cheap Thrills
All The Things You Are-Thelonious Monk-The Complete Blue Note Recordings
Rag Mama Rag-The Band-The Band
A Love So Beautiful-Roy Orbison-Mystery Girl
I'm Ready-Muddy Waters-The Anthology(1947-1972)
Coming To(Album Version)-Trey Anastasio-Seis de Mayo
Spoonful-Howlin' Wolf w/Muddy Waters & Bo Diddley-The Super Super Blues Band
Only The Lonely-Roy Orbison-The Very Best of Roy Orbison
Midnight Rambler-The Rolling Stones-Let It Bleed
I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man-Prince-Sign O' The Times
Pass It Down-Deep Banana Blackout-10.14.2000-Gothic Theater-Denver, Colorado
I'm Movin' On(stereo)-Ray Charles-The Birth of Soul(1952-1959)
Dear Brother-(with Audrey Williams)-Hank Williams-The Complete Hank Williams
Tenfold-The Slip-07.07.2002-High Sierra Music Festival-Quincy, California
t r u t h o u t - Des Moines Register | Orwell Goes to War: "Either way, the invasion will go down as one of the worst foreign-policy blunders in American history. It does not diminish the sacrifices of America's magnificent soldiers, nor does it deny that Saddam was a brutal thug, to recognize that the security of the United States was not enhanced by the invasion of Iraq. It is a tragedy that compounds every day because each day it looks increasingly less likely that the Middle East will end up being a better place in the aftermath."

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