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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Justice is Duck Blind!
Jellyfish Nebula

Sunday, April 25, 2004


"'I do not mean this as a criticism of the United States,' he said. 'I know the Americans are good men and women. But please try to make them understand; many people in my part of the world feel they have been forced to try to keep up with you, in a race we do not really care to run. Your technology is amazing, but America seems spiritually polluted to many of us. Your ways are not our ways, and while we were tempted for a while to think that your ways should be our ways, we do not think that anymore."
A Case Against and For Kerry
Bush and The Saudis
Bush Family Values Photo Album

>When you think a 10 min. song is short...

> when someone is in your car and asks...'is this the same song?'

> If you write out your plans so people know what you are doing and they look like this school > soccer practice > homework > dinner > homework

> When you think 7 tracks on a CD is alot...

> You purposefully take the long route home so you can listen to the sick Recreational Chemistry jam in its entirety!

> You go to a 'regular' concert and mistake the ending for the set break.

> You are amazed when other people's cd's have liner notes and cover art...

> ...when your at a show and your shoes start talking.

> when you don't recognize any of the songs on the Billboard charts.

> when your non-jamfan friends all groan anytime you put on a cd.

> if you can sit in front of your stereo for hours the way one would sit in front of a tv for hours.

> when the people at the post office all scramble to go on their break when they see you coming in.

> if you consider a concert that's two and a half hours away to be a 'local'show.

> when you're surprised that your friends that own cd burners have never heard of shn or eac.

> when going to two concerts in one month is withdrawal.

> when you use your book money at the beginning of the semester to attend a festival.

> when you own 600 cds of one band but none of them are official releases.

> your entire closet full of t-shirts are band tour tees.

> you've flown to see your favorite band.

> you have a pet named after a song by your favorite band.

> you have a vanity license plate with a reference that only another fan of your favorite band would understand.

> just because you'll only get three hours sleep after driving home from a show before you have to go to work isn't a good enough reason to miss a show.

> study for finals or hit the last leg of fall tour?

> you know what this means:Neumann km140 (split 25', clamped to loge railing) > Apogee Mini-Me(+5dB,16bit, 44.1kHz) > Digigram VX Pocket V2 > Sony Vaio Picturebook C1MW>n-Track Studio > CDWav > SHN

> if you'll let someone you met on the internet crash at your house after a show and don't think anything of it.

> when you read all the way down to here

> when the only reason you have cable tv is because you can't get a cable modem without it.

> when you spend more time on a message board/listserv than you do talking to your real-life friends.

> When you tell your friends to name a date, and from that date you can name 2 or more setlists in their entirety of your favorite band.

> If you know what a ganja-gooball is

> You can't remember the last time you listened to the radio

> when you have a shoebox full of ticket stubs

> You don't think 69 is a sexual postion but rather a good year for Dead bootlegs.

> When you wonder how uncanny it is that you glance at your watch at exactly 4:20 about every other day.

> ...when you buy overpriced food from a dirty stranger in a freakin' parking lot.

> ...when you look for a song title in every shirt you see.

> ...when someone starts a sentence with 'veggie' you actually listen to the rest of it.

> When you could go for about a month straight without sleeping and never listen to the same show twice

> When you are more excited by the 35 minute Darkstar you just listened to than your own birthday

> When your listening to a show and could have sworn you heard that jam from someone else.

> When your favorite songs are always changing because the decision is based upon whether they jammed it out or not.

> When You have 1200+ hours of music

> When you are driving in your car listening to a show you just got in the mail with no idea what the setlist is and you basically pretend you are there

> you think people are crazy when thet dont know who UM,KDTU,SCI,GD,WP are.

> you have dreadlocks, yet you laugh at people with mullets.

> you do your back-to-school clothes shopping in the parking lot of deer creek.

> ...when you give people shit for buying a cd for $14.99, when you can get 50 for that same price

> you dream about being on tour.

> april 20th, october 31st, and december 31st are bigger holidays than christmas, easter, and thanksgiving.

> you take more time organizing your shows than your apartment

> you take more care in organizing your shows than your laundry

> when people ask you for a 'bootleg', you just hang your head in despair

> when you grade the phriendliness of cities by the attittude of the local cops at the shows

> when you spell anything with an 'f' with a 'ph'

> when you see a 'L@@K rare show' on ebay you think of how you would like to kill the seller and all seller's like him

> you've read down this far from the last'read down to pos
Gmail and the Fuss It Creates
From the Indy Election Fiasco

Naima-John Coltrane-Live At The Village Vanguard Again
Love and Tears-The Slip-High Sierra Music Festival-07.07.2002-Quincy, California
Kamuy-Sound Tribe Sector 9-Offered Schematics Suggesting
The Invocations-The Slip-Does
War Pigs-Jazz Mandolin Project-11.07.2001-Ziggy's-Winston-Salem, North Carolina
The FDA Has Made Our Food Worse Than Drugs-Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey-07.14.2001-Legends Lounge-Las Vegas, Nevada
Yellow Medicine-The Slip-06.27.2000-Sculler's Jazz Club-Boston, Massachusetts
Wolof-The Slip-02.07.2002-Stella Blue-Asheville, North Carolina
Thursday The 12th-Charlie Hunter-Ready...Set...Shango!
Blue Eyed Son-moe.-12.09.2000-9:30 Club-Washington, D.C.
Live To Tell-Bill Frisell-Have A Little Faith
Waste-Phish-Live Phish 12:08.13.1996, Deer Creek Music Center
Sans Titre N. 3-Frederic Galliano-Electronic Sextet-Live Infinis
Plan Man-Fat Mama-12.28.1998-Aggie Theater-Fort Collins, Colorado
Sueno Con Mexico-Pat Metheny-Cafe Del Mar:Ibiza Volumen Tres
Avalon-Steve Kimock Band-04.28.2002-Tipitina's-New Orleans, Lousiana
Como Se Goza En El Barrio-Marc Ribot-Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos
Crush-Dave Matthews Band-Before These Crowded Streets
Everybody's Talking>-Umphrey's McGee-04.11.2003-The Orange Peel-Asheville, North Carolina
Hey Pocky Way-String Cheese Incident-Carnival '99
All Time Low-Widespread Panic-Til The Medicine Takes
A.J Bustah-Karl Denson-Dance Lesson #2
Giant Steps-John Coltrane-Giant Steps
MLT-String Cheese Incident-Round The Wheel
Sparkle-Phish-Live Phish 07:08.14.93-World Music Theater
Lonesome Fiddle Blues-String Cheese Incident-A String Cheese Incident
Diner-Widespread Panic-Everyday
Barstool-String Cheese Incident-Carnival '99
Reba-Phish-Lawn Boy
Pirates-String Cheese Incident-A String Cheese Incident
Ramone and Emiglio-Sound Tribe Sector 9-10.19.2002-The Fillmore-San Francisco, California
Dawg After Dark-David Grisman/Tony Rice-Tone Poems
Captain America(Previously Unreleased)-moe.-L
Nyash-Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra-Talkatif
7-Up-Garaj Mahal-03.01.2002-Winston's-San Diego, California
Revival-Allman Brothers Band-An Evening With The Allman Brothers-1st Set
U.S Blues-Grateful Dead-From The Mars Hotel
Grandpa Get Your Guitar-Seldom Scene-Like We Used To Be
Big Sandy River-Leftover Salmon-Mesa Theater-Grand Junction, Colorado
Rambler's Anthem-Yonder Mountain String Band-Town By Town
Sugarcraft-Medeski, Martin & Wood-Combustication
The Milliken Way-Jazz Mandolin Project-Xenoblast
That's What Love Will Make You Do-Jerry Garcia Band-How Sweet It Is
Driving Backwards With You-The Slip-07.07.2002-High Sierra Music Festival-Quincy, California
High Noon-Marco Benevento & Joe Russo-05.05.2002-The Knitting Factory-New York, New York
Get Me With Fuji-The Slip-07.07.2002-High Sierra Music Festival-Quincy, California
Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk-Pink Floyd-Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Check Out String Cheese Incident Photos

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