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Sunday, April 25, 2004


>When you think a 10 min. song is short...

> when someone is in your car and asks...'is this the same song?'

> If you write out your plans so people know what you are doing and they look like this school > soccer practice > homework > dinner > homework

> When you think 7 tracks on a CD is alot...

> You purposefully take the long route home so you can listen to the sick Recreational Chemistry jam in its entirety!

> You go to a 'regular' concert and mistake the ending for the set break.

> You are amazed when other people's cd's have liner notes and cover art...

> ...when your at a show and your shoes start talking.

> when you don't recognize any of the songs on the Billboard charts.

> when your non-jamfan friends all groan anytime you put on a cd.

> if you can sit in front of your stereo for hours the way one would sit in front of a tv for hours.

> when the people at the post office all scramble to go on their break when they see you coming in.

> if you consider a concert that's two and a half hours away to be a 'local'show.

> when you're surprised that your friends that own cd burners have never heard of shn or eac.

> when going to two concerts in one month is withdrawal.

> when you use your book money at the beginning of the semester to attend a festival.

> when you own 600 cds of one band but none of them are official releases.

> your entire closet full of t-shirts are band tour tees.

> you've flown to see your favorite band.

> you have a pet named after a song by your favorite band.

> you have a vanity license plate with a reference that only another fan of your favorite band would understand.

> just because you'll only get three hours sleep after driving home from a show before you have to go to work isn't a good enough reason to miss a show.

> study for finals or hit the last leg of fall tour?

> you know what this means:Neumann km140 (split 25', clamped to loge railing) > Apogee Mini-Me(+5dB,16bit, 44.1kHz) > Digigram VX Pocket V2 > Sony Vaio Picturebook C1MW>n-Track Studio > CDWav > SHN

> if you'll let someone you met on the internet crash at your house after a show and don't think anything of it.

> when you read all the way down to here

> when the only reason you have cable tv is because you can't get a cable modem without it.

> when you spend more time on a message board/listserv than you do talking to your real-life friends.

> When you tell your friends to name a date, and from that date you can name 2 or more setlists in their entirety of your favorite band.

> If you know what a ganja-gooball is

> You can't remember the last time you listened to the radio

> when you have a shoebox full of ticket stubs

> You don't think 69 is a sexual postion but rather a good year for Dead bootlegs.

> When you wonder how uncanny it is that you glance at your watch at exactly 4:20 about every other day.

> ...when you buy overpriced food from a dirty stranger in a freakin' parking lot.

> ...when you look for a song title in every shirt you see.

> ...when someone starts a sentence with 'veggie' you actually listen to the rest of it.

> When you could go for about a month straight without sleeping and never listen to the same show twice

> When you are more excited by the 35 minute Darkstar you just listened to than your own birthday

> When your listening to a show and could have sworn you heard that jam from someone else.

> When your favorite songs are always changing because the decision is based upon whether they jammed it out or not.

> When You have 1200+ hours of music

> When you are driving in your car listening to a show you just got in the mail with no idea what the setlist is and you basically pretend you are there

> you think people are crazy when thet dont know who UM,KDTU,SCI,GD,WP are.

> you have dreadlocks, yet you laugh at people with mullets.

> you do your back-to-school clothes shopping in the parking lot of deer creek.

> ...when you give people shit for buying a cd for $14.99, when you can get 50 for that same price

> you dream about being on tour.

> april 20th, october 31st, and december 31st are bigger holidays than christmas, easter, and thanksgiving.

> you take more time organizing your shows than your apartment

> you take more care in organizing your shows than your laundry

> when people ask you for a 'bootleg', you just hang your head in despair

> when you grade the phriendliness of cities by the attittude of the local cops at the shows

> when you spell anything with an 'f' with a 'ph'

> when you see a 'L@@K rare show' on ebay you think of how you would like to kill the seller and all seller's like him

> you've read down this far from the last'read down to pos
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