Put It In Your Pantry with Your Cupcakes

Monday, September 06, 2004

Jose, can you see? With my eyes sir. When do you see a jackrabbit running across a grove with a carrot? I don't understand. You don't need to understand. You don't need to. Why not? Why? Why? Why? Don't ask. Nothing Makes Sense. Are you sure? No I'm Scott. ARe you from Scotland? No No No. Noone can do the boogaloo cuz it ain't allowed. Allow Alloy Alloz Allox Allob. A lob shot over the net. You play tennis? Only with Wario or for that matter Mario. Where's Luigi? I've heard it before. Heard What? Exactly. 2 + 2 is exactly 22. Corn ain't corn. Corn is corny. so is popcorn. Let's eat some. WHy? Don't ask why honky. I'm no car. What? Now that's a good question. Got anymore? No but I do have milk. Who? Who? You damn owls creep me out. Tales from the Crypt. I am the cryptkeeper. No, I'm Spartacus. Wrong movie. Let's watch it. What's the time? Hair past a freckle. Isn't that a book? Questions to noone's answers makes a good long story out of a bad short book of my dreams come true with time is on my side aches like a hawk down the hatch it the egg scrambles by the quarterback tosses deep throat got Nixon resigned from his post pattern quilts quilts in line of fire starring Clint Eastwood? Huh! Boo! That's a ghost with Demi Moore is less. Less filling. Don't me make me come over there over here Weir Everyweir. He's part of the Dead. Playing in the Band. Some trust in reason others trust in light. Life fuse get away from me. There is a road, no simple highway, between the dark and the dawn of light. GArcia plays it. Hunter writes it! Fantastico! What a word. Italian flavored. Italian ice. Eat the banana. Why not the mango My hands and feet are mangoes...you're gonna be a genius anyway.
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