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Saturday, April 24, 2004

A Little Something by Luke Sloan

"Round up the Dead
For I say goodbye,
goobye Rosa Lee McFall
I'm drifting off to hell
in the back seat of a bucket
and yes, I'm enjoying the ride.
Freight train, let your whistly cry,
because I will get by
as the crashing of the Dark Star
glimmers in my eye,
leaving trouble behing
as an old ragged Casey Jones
shimmeys on by,.
A monkey's lifted my train,
I tell you,
to where on earth did he go?
He's driven it down through the valleys
of a sun-dark hallow.
A whining teardrop river
emits a jam
by fat Uncle John
and his gypsy band.
It must have been the roses
that flowed so fast.
Befriended by a picasso moon,
upon a rock that's built to last.
So don't stop now,
Black Peter's doin' the rag ya know.
The streets are full, every body's dancing,
just go...ramble on rose."
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