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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Suspected Robber Leaves Wallet Behind
Published - Mar 22 2004 07:57AM Eastern || AP

COMFORT, W.Va.(AP) A man accused of robbing a convenience store left a
big clue behind for investigators his wallet.

Terry Lee Romine was charged with robbing the V-Mart in Comfort on
Friday morning.

Romine, 36, allegedly ordered a slice of pizza and then demanded cash
from the clerk, saying he had a gun. He is accused of grabbing the cash
register after the clerk had difficulty opening it, the Boone County
Sheriff's Department said.

The suspect crashed into the wrong door before finding his way to the
exit. As he fled, the clerk looked down and saw the man's wallet on the

Romine was arrested a short time later. He was freed on $50,000 bond.
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